Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sinestro In/Hal Jordan Out?

So an alternate cover of September's relaunch Green Lantern #1 and the cover to #2 were revealed today, and by complete fricking surprise Sinestro as a Green Lantern is on them. Yeah apparently a green ring chose Sinestro while helping Hal Jordan against Krona  and the Entity possessed Guardians of The Universe in the current War of The Green Lanterns story. Then after they defeated Krona, and freed the Guardians, the Guardians strip Jordan of he's ring and send back to Earth.

Here's a synopsis of Green Lantern #67 written by my friend Sparky Prime over at TfUnlimited:
The Green Lanterns need to free the Guardians from the Entities, but since they Guardians have rejected emotion, they can't make them feel anything to free them. Instead, Hal decides they need to free the other ring bearers so that they can instead make contact with the Entities. To do that, he tells Kyle to just draw in the Book of the Black them getting free.

It works, but as their rings return to their owners, Krona overrides them to use himself. He attacks Hal and they argue over various faults of the Guardians. Hal's points seem to inspire Sinestro, who grabs a piece of scrap metal to attack Krona. It barely phases him, but the act of fearlessness prompts a Green Lantern ring to choose Sinestro. Together with Hal, they fight Krona and Hal manages to deliver a killing shot.

With Krona dead, the Entities are able to free themselves from the Guardians, and the rings he was wearing return to their owners, save for Sinestro's which flies off into space. The Guardians look over Krona's lifeless form, saying the Green Lantern rings are programmed not to be able to kill any Guardian, yet somehow Hal's Will overrode that. Hal tells Sinestro to remove the Green Lantern ring, but the Guardians step in and say they will assess the situation. In the meantime, they teleport the other ring bearers off of Oa telling them they are not welcome, and discharge Hal from the Green Lanterns, taking his ring and teleporting him back to Earth.
So Hal is kicked out of the Corps cause he killed Krona, but Krona was never a Guardian of the Universe he was a Maltusian before they "evolved" in to their Guardian forms, so the rule of killing a Guardian shouldn't apply in the first place. Ok, so they discharged him not only for killing Krona but they had also found out Hal had been secretly working with members of the other Lantern Corps and charged him with treason as well, but we know he won't be out long cause we know he's a Green Lantern in Justice League in September, unless those stories take place in the past. Guess we'll see in the upcoming War of The Green Lanterns: Aftermath mini-series if and how he get's he's ring back.

Sinestro as a Green Lantern again, never thought I'd see that happen outside an alternate reality tale. Members of the Green Lantern corps had trouble with Hal Jordan being reinstated and he had a legitimate excuse cause of he's possession by Parallax, but Sinestro willingly killed Green Lanterns. Man I might actually have to get these new issues, definitely want to see how this plays out.

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