Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who You Gonna' Call?


With my acquisition of Ray Stanz from Mattycollector, I now have the the complete team of all four original Ghostbusters which is a real monumental achievement for me. I am a huge Ghostbusters fan, the the two movies and The Real Ghostbusters ruled my early childhood before comic books and video games came into my life. I had all the play equipment and all the action figures, vehicles, and even the Fire House.

As a kid I even had a rat tail like Egon from the cartoon had, guess who my favorite Ghostbusters is? When I heard that Mattel was gonna create a line of action figures based on the original movies I was ecstatic, to finally have 6 inch tall highly detailed and articulated 3D representations of Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston it was a dream come true. Now I can only wish and hope that one day Mattel will repaint these guys with new heads and Neutrino Wands for the Proton Packs to make look like their Real Ghostbusters cartoon counterparts.

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